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By entering this website (the “Site”) you hereby accept the terms of the Privacy Notice and assume the status of “Holder”.

In the framework of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (the “Law”), the Regulations of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (the “Regulations”) and the Privacy Notice Guidelines published by the Ministry of Economics in the Federal Official Gazette (the “Guidelines”), we hereby ask you, as Holder (as such term is defined further on), to read the privacy notice below:

Comprehensive Privacy Notice


Last updated 


December 30, 2021

Holder of the Personal Data (the “Holder”)


Individual who may be identified directly or indirectly by means of any information supplied: (i) directly, (ii) indirectly, or (iii) personally, to TRAZANDO ETICA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V.  

Personal Data


Any information about the Holder, stated numerically, alphabetically, graphically, photographically, acoustically or in any other way.

Party Responsible for the Holder’s Data






Address of the Responsible Party


Jaime Balmes 11, TB-Loc108B, Colonia los Morales Polanco, C.P. 11510, Mexico City.






LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL is responsible for obtaining and/or compiling your personal data, as well as for the use, protection, storage or disclosure given thereto.



Your personal information will be compiled, stored, processed, organized, analyzed and transferred by LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL in the terms of this notice.




Data Obtention


The information may be compiled either in writing, verbally, or graphically, by electronic, telephonic or electromagnetic media.








General Personal Data


Full name, pseudonym, e-mail address, country, age, for which you give your explicit consent for its Processing to LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL.








Main Purposes


  1. To comply with the obligations of LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL derived from the legal relationship that exists between the Holder and LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL, 
  2. To administer and form files and 
  3. The preparation of the directory of LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL.
  4. For the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a court process of LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL, subsidiaries and other companies in the same business group, clients and suppliers of LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL



Once the main purposes of the Processing have been fulfilled, LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL will block, cancel and eliminate the data in its possession




Secondary Purposes


  1. To make business assessments, and 
  2. To carry out satisfaction polls. 
  3. To send e-mails with information about the launching of new products or services.



In the case that the Holder does not want their Personal Data to be used for Secondary Purposes, please tick the box below




The Holder can state, within 5 (five) business days as of the date (i) of access to the Site and/or (ii) on which your Personal Data was supplied to LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL, their refusal for the Processing of your Personal Data for secondary purposes, by means of the Request.




Cookies and WebBeacons


The Site uses Cookies, WebBeacons and other technologies by means of which it is possible (i) to monitor your behavior as user of the Site, (ii) provide you with a better user experience and service when surfing the Sitio, (iii) as well as to offer you new products and services based on your preferences.



The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies includes: surfing times, length of time spent on the Site, consulted sections, and previously accessed websites.



On the other hand, a Cookie can never be used to extract the information on your hard disk. Cookies usually have a short duration and, if applicable, the Holder can configure the browser to accept or not accept the cookies received and/or notify their reception.



To disable Cookies and WebBeacons, follow these instructions: 



  • In a PC: open the Internet browser, go to the “Tools” menu, click on “Internet Options”, choose the “privacy” tab, tick the box “Block all cookies”.
  • In a Mac: open the Internet application, got to “Preferences”, choose the “Security” option, and tick the “Never” option under “Accept cookies”.




Data Security


LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL will implement the necessary security measures to protect your personal data, preventing the damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or processing thereof, in accordance with the stipulations of the Law, the Regulations and the Guidelines.



Only the personnel designated and authorized by LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL may participate in the Processing of your personal data. Such personnel are prohibited from providing access to unauthorized parties and using your personal data for purposes other than those established and accepted in this notice.




Term of conservation of the Data


Once the Purpose or Purposes (as such term is defined further on) of the Processing has or have been fulfilled, and when no legal or regulatory provisions otherwise exists, LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL will proceed to cancel the Data in its possession by blocking and then eliminating such Data, in the terms established in the Law.




Transmission of the Data


We inform you that your personal data may be transferred and processed with subsidiary companies and other companies in the same business group, clients and suppliers of LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL.



The national or international transfer of data may be performed without the consent of the Holder in any of the following cases:

  1. When the transfer is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of a public interest or for the procuration or administration of justice.
  2. When the transfer is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a court process.



If no opposition to the transfer of the Data is stated, it will be understood that by accepting this Privacy Notice you have given LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL your explicit consent for the transfer thereof.




Changes to the Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice may undergo modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements, the needs of LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL; or for other reasons.



LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL is bound to keep the Holder informed of any changes to this Privacy Notice on the Site.



The procedure used to make notifications about any changes or updates to this Privacy Notice is by means of a notice when the Holder accesses the Site.




Rights of the Holder regarding the Personal Data


The Holder of the Personal Data, by request sent to the e-mail: (the “Request”), may:



  1. State your refusal for the processing of your Personal Data for the Secondary Purposes (as such term is defined further on). 



  1. Exercise your right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data, as well as to oppose the Processing thereof (“ARCO Rights“).



  1. Limit the use of your data (“Right of Limitation”). 



  1. Revoke the consent for the Processing of the data given for the aforementioned purposes (“Right of Revocation”). 






The Request must contain and be accompanied by the following:



  1. The full name of the Holder and address or any other means by which you wish to receive notifications about the Request. 



  1. The documents that prove your identity as Holder, by means of the presentation of a copy of your official identification document, having exhibited the original for comparison. 



  1. The clear and precise description of the personal data of the Holder regarding which you wish to exercise any of the rights established in point a). 



  1. Any element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data of the Holder. 



  1. In the specific case of a request to correct personal data, the Holder must indicate, in addition to the above, the changes to be made and provide the documentation supporting the request. 






LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL will reply within 20 (twenty) business days following reception of the Request using the means indicated by the Holder therein.



LUAN MUSEO EMOCIONAL may keep the personal data of the Holder exclusively for the purposes of the liabilities derived from the Processing.




Doubts and additional information


If you have any questions about this privacy notice or any matter related to the Processing of your data in the terms hereof or how to exercise your ARCO Rights or Rights of Limitation and Revocation, you can contact the Privacy department at the following e-mail address: 





I hereby state that I have read and understood this notice and I give my consent for the Processing of my personal data for the primary and secondary purposes, as well as for the transfer thereof, in the terms hereof.

Additionally, I state that my personal data is correct, authentic and complete and, therefore, I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for the exactness, veracity and authenticity of my personal data.